6 Ways the All Terrain Tracker Simplifies Solar Installation

By limiting the need for grading, the Nevados All Terrain Tracker® can reduce the common challenges of utility-scale solar installation.
January 7, 2024
By Editorial Team

As solar becomes increasingly popular in the United States, flat, easily developed terrain is getting harder to find. Factor in the cost of grading, permitting delays, and high installation costs, and it’s more difficult than ever for solar developers and EPCs to complete projects on time and within budget. 

By limiting the need for grading through terrain-following technology, the Nevados All Terrain Tracker® can reduce the common challenges of utility-scale solar installation, allowing developers to roll out more projects with fewer setbacks — including those that were previously deemed “unbuildable” due to the cost of groundwork. Plus, the tracker’s innovative design and easy assembly allow for quick setup without specialized tools or experts. 

What Is the All Terrain Tracker®?

The Nevados All Terrain Tracker® (ATT) is a utility-scale solar tracking solution that can handle a wide range of slope changes, limiting the need for grading. The ATT® can be installed on uneven terrain and can manage slopes as steep as 37% in any direction. What truly sets the ATT® apart, though, is its articulating bearings that can handle pile-to-pile angle changes of 26% on undulating terrain. It’s also easy to build and assemble, which cuts installation costs while drastically reducing project timelines.

How the All Terrain Tracker® Simplifies Utility-Scale Solar Installations

Here are six key ways the ATT® can simplify your solar installations:

1. No Grading Required 

The ATT® limits the need for grading which preserves the natural terrain and ensures compliance in a growing number of regions that require “no or low grading” for large-scale solar projects. Grade-free solar also saves time and cuts costs because developers can avoid lengthy permitting procedures and delays while reducing requirements for expensive retention ponds. Plus, it largely eliminates environmental remediation expenses as well as the cost of potential lawsuits related to grading mishaps.

2. Easy Assembly

Unlike most other solar trackers, the ATT® does not require specialized tools or jigs to assemble, allowing for efficient installations. It comes with auto-aligning bearings and self-aligning module brackets, cutting back on labor. Thanks to the bearings’ terrain-following capabilities, the ATT® has quite generous tolerances for installation. The ATT® can be installed at chest height across any landscape thanks to its uniform foundation reveal height. Since very little site preparation is required and minimal labor is used, installing the ATT® can significantly reduce project costs.

3. Proven Durability

The simplicity of the ATT® does not compromise its durability. Designed with integrated dampers inside the bearings, automatic stowing, and articulating bearings, the ATT® can hold up to stressors like wind, hail, and differential settlement with ease. After deployment, the ATT® has been proven to withstand extreme weather — including hurricane-force winds — with no structural damage.

4. Individual Row Control

The ATT® integrates Nevados’ TRACE (Tracker Rotation Angle Control Engine) system, enabling seamless and autonomous tracking for optimal power generation. Weather sensors monitor changing weather conditions in real time, allowing for individual row control. 

Besides row-by-row control and optimization, the TRACE tracking platform supports both on-premise and cloud control, plus self-powered and wireless communication with the row controller. Coupled with individual row control and TRACE-generated schedules, the ATT® is optimized for every site’s specific terrain profile. 

5. Increased Site Options

With the growing scarcity of flat terrain, the ATT® increases your site options thanks to its no-grading advantage. It empowers you to access more land for your projects without needing to search for greenfield areas. From overlooked to low-cost grading-restricted lands, your location options are nearly limitless.

Streamline Your Utility-Scale Solar Installation Projects with ATT®

If you’re looking for a way to streamline installation for your utility-scale solar project, our all-in-one tracker is the perfect solution. The Nevados All Terrain Tracker® is designed to provide groundbreaking results without the need for grading. It’s easy to assemble, robust, and built for optimal energy production. 

Contact us to learn more about how the Nevados ATT® can help you reduce costs, accelerate construction, and overcome grading risks for your next project.

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