At Nevados, we are on a mission to simplify and increase the accessibility of renewable energy globally.
Our customers trust us to provide high quality products and services at every stage of their solar development. We remain dedicated to positively benefiting our environment for decades to come. If you are passionate and motivated to make our world a little brighter, we want to hear from you!

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We practice mutual honesty, respect and open communication within our team, with our partners, and with our customers. That is how we continue to build and grow successful partnerships

We are committed to building strong relationships through trust and aligned goals. We listen and learn from our partners, as they do from us. Our internal & external partnerships create the foundation for our success.

We are innovators in solar technology. We recognize the importance of continuously adapting to the ever-changing world so that we can provide the best possible solutions to the industry. We are passionate about the work that we do and are dedicated to supporting growth in the industry through education.


Health insurance through Kaiser
Permanente HMO. Company
covers 85% of premium for
employees and their

Free life insurance with $50,000
of coverage

Competitive compensation packages including stock options and performance bonuses

Unlimited vacation.



Nevados is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to building a more inclusive ecosystem that integrates women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups into the cleantech sector and the overall tech industry. We strongly encourage applications from qualified applicants and members of underrepresented groups.

Products & Services
Chief Commercial Officer

Jenya Meydbray

Jenya is the Chief Commercial Officer of Nevados, prior to that he co-founded PVEL in 2010 and served as CEO for the past dozen years. 

He developed the first extended reliability and performance test protocols for the downstream PV industry as well as innovative methods of evaluating PV performance for power plant level risk assessment and mitigation. 

Prior to founding PVEL, Jenya was the Senior Quality and Reliability Engineer at SunPower where he designed accelerated test methods for high-efficiency solar cells and modules. Jenya began his career at NASA Ames Research Center’s hyper-gravity facilities. He also served as VP of Technology for Cypress Creek Renewables, a utility-scale project developer.


Rick Baldini

Rick has over 18 years of finance experience across several industries including financial services, insurance, real estate, and construction.  Rick is experienced in building, leading, and advising companies through complex restructurings, business expansion and product development.  

Prior to Nevados, Rick was the CFO for Link Real Estate & Urban Land Co, a real estate investment firm, that Rick led to become the fastest growing private company in Central Ohio.  Rick has also been successful in structuring a multi-million-dollar licensing deal with a public company while CFO at Global Administration Management, a boutique consulting firm in the insurance industry.

Rick is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he received a B.S. in Finance and Marketing.