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Nevados All Terrain Tracker

“As one of the nation’s largest independent solar power producers (IPPs), DESRI understands the impact that severe weather can have on solar project operations. Our Nevados trackers experienced a direct hit from a Cat. 3 hurricane and performed very well; they did not sustain any structural failures and were 100% available almost immediately after the storm.”

Chris Clevenger
Chief Operating Officer, D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI) – Iris Asset Owner



In August 2021, a category 3 hurricane made landfall on the state of Louisiana devastating communities and causing massive infrastructure damage. The Louisiana solar site took a direct hit and all racking equipment in the vicinity was put to the test. Having multiple racking products installed on one site provided unique insight into various racking technologies and their solutions in both designing for high wind regions, and managing high wind events.



The Nevados ATT experienced high winds for many hours with no structural damage. Wind speeds at the site were measured and analyzed showing wind gusts of over 90MPH. The racking design is inherently rigid with integrated friction dampers at every foundation. This enables unparalleled stability with zero unreliable traditional external dampers, and provides incredible resilience to wind dynamics. This same design concept is deployed regardless of wind ratings, providing class-leading wind resistance to all projects. There was no structural damage to Nevados equipment, but there was significant damage sustained to other trackers in the area which did not have the same structural rigidity and damping to combat wind dynamics.

The Nevados ATT’s standard stow position is at full tilt (60 deg.), facing towards the wind. At the time of the hurricane, full commissioning had not yet been completed; therefore, all rows did not make it to the design stow position. However, even for rows near 0 degree stow, the structure easily weathered the storm, demonstrating the potential for further cost reduction, or alternate wind stow capabilities.

Nevados actively supported the site post hurricane by conducting inspections, and developing comprehensive repair and workaround plans to replace modules that sustained damage from lightning strikes and flying debris to get the site back up and running as quickly as possible.

Wind Gusts Over 90MPH

No Structural Damage

100% Availability Following Wind Event

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Chief Commercial Officer

Jenya Meydbray

Jenya is the Chief Commercial Officer of Nevados, prior to that he co-founded PVEL in 2010 and served as CEO for the past dozen years. 

He developed the first extended reliability and performance test protocols for the downstream PV industry as well as innovative methods of evaluating PV performance for power plant level risk assessment and mitigation. 

Prior to founding PVEL, Jenya was the Senior Quality and Reliability Engineer at SunPower where he designed accelerated test methods for high-efficiency solar cells and modules. Jenya began his career at NASA Ames Research Center’s hyper-gravity facilities. He also served as VP of Technology for Cypress Creek Renewables, a utility-scale project developer.


Rick Baldini

Rick has over 18 years of finance experience across several industries including financial services, insurance, real estate, and construction.  Rick is experienced in building, leading, and advising companies through complex restructurings, business expansion and product development.  

Prior to Nevados, Rick was the CFO for Link Real Estate & Urban Land Co, a real estate investment firm, that Rick led to become the fastest growing private company in Central Ohio.  Rick has also been successful in structuring a multi-million-dollar licensing deal with a public company while CFO at Global Administration Management, a boutique consulting firm in the insurance industry.

Rick is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he received a B.S. in Finance and Marketing.