Nevados’ 170 MW Solar Project in the MidAtlantic

September 12, 2022
By Editorial Team

For Immediate Release Sept 12, 2023
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Nevados’ All-Terrain solar tracker eliminates grading, reduces steel in pilings by 23% at 170 MW project Nevados system avoids moving more than 400,000 cubic yards of soil, reduces steel piles needed by 43 linear miles compared to standard trackers 

San Francisco, California, Sept. 12, 2023—A new 170 MW solar project in the MidAtlantic region of the United States, will use all-terrain tracking technology from Nevados that avoids costly and environmentally disruptive grading of the rural site and will save an enormous amount of steel. 

An independent analysis by civil consulting firm Sierra Overhead Analytics, which has developed grading plans for over 12 GW of utility-scale solar, found that installing utility-scale solar on the site would otherwise have required cutting or filling 406,413 cubic yards of soil to level the terrain — enough to fill 123 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The American-made Nevados system also reduces the amount of steel needed for piles by more than 230,000 linear feet — which is over 43 miles of steel saved. 

“We’re excited to offer the market this technology, which is perfect for today’s challenging sites,” said Yezin Taha, Founder and CEO of Nevados. 

Nevados will be taking questions about its technology at Booth #7113 at RE+, North America’s leading renewable energy trade show, which started yesterday in Las Vegas. Nevados uses articulating bearings in its All-Terrain Tracker, allowing it to follow the existing terrain over a change in slope of up to 26% at every foundation. Eliminating all that grading also greatly reduces the scope of permitting, and simplifies stormwater management. Often a standard tracker requires different foundation heights to accommodate the straight torque tube. 

The Nevados system avoids this because the structure itself can follow the terrain, avoiding the need for variable reveal height on the foundations.The project was constructed by MYR Group. Allen Oldroyd, General Superintendent of MYR Energy Services,the EPC firm that built the project, commented afterwards, “I am blown away by the simplicity and the capabilities of the Nevados All-Terrain Tracker. It is truly versatile and does more than reduce cost, it reduces the environmental impact of a project. ” 

“We expect to sign over a gigawatt of projects by the end of 2024, and we see most projects in the U.S. now have challenging terrain. Nevados has been growing fast and they are perfectly positioned to support this,” said Oldroyd. 

The Nevados all-terrain solar tracking platform is engineered for: 

  • Faster construction: Nevados solar trackers are designed to fully eliminate site grading in projects with uneven terrain. This avoids time- and cost-intensive permitting, construction, and revegetation steps, and dramatically accelerates project schedules. 
  • Flexibility: Nevados offers the most flexible tracker solution on the market, with proprietary bearings that allow for slope changes as great as 26% across every foundation. 
  • Performance: Row-specific tracking algorithms and controls improve energy yield in Nevados projects at a granular level. 
  • Ease of installation: Non-continuous torque tubes, shorter pilings and large tolerances simplify and speed up the installation process of Nevados trackers. Solar modules self-align during installation, with top-clamp clips that can easily accommodate different module sizes. 
  • Resilience: Nevados’ torque tube and damper designs improve wind performance and are proven to withstand hurricane-force winds with zero structural damage. 

To schedule an appointment with Nevados at RE+, please see here. Nevados’ All-Terrain Tracker in use on the new 170 MW solar farm. About Nevados Nevados is the premier solar tracker company for PV power plants built on sloped and rolling terrain. We offer innovative all-terrain trackers paired with a comprehensive software suite in an integrated technology platform that optimizes solar performance, improves plant reliability and respects the natural landscape. Headquartered in San Francisco and backed by institutional capital, Nevados is transforming utility-scale PV deployment with our tracking solutions and partnership approach. Our mission is to pioneer sustainable solar solutions to preserve the earth for today and for tomorrow. To learn more, please visit

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Chief Commercial Officer

Jenya Meydbray

Jenya is the Chief Commercial Officer of Nevados, prior to that he co-founded PVEL in 2010 and served as CEO for the past dozen years. 

He developed the first extended reliability and performance test protocols for the downstream PV industry as well as innovative methods of evaluating PV performance for power plant level risk assessment and mitigation. 

Prior to founding PVEL, Jenya was the Senior Quality and Reliability Engineer at SunPower where he designed accelerated test methods for high-efficiency solar cells and modules. Jenya began his career at NASA Ames Research Center’s hyper-gravity facilities. He also served as VP of Technology for Cypress Creek Renewables, a utility-scale project developer.


Rick Baldini

Rick has over 18 years of finance experience across several industries including financial services, insurance, real estate, and construction.  Rick is experienced in building, leading, and advising companies through complex restructurings, business expansion and product development.  

Prior to Nevados, Rick was the CFO for Link Real Estate & Urban Land Co, a real estate investment firm, that Rick led to become the fastest growing private company in Central Ohio.  Rick has also been successful in structuring a multi-million-dollar licensing deal with a public company while CFO at Global Administration Management, a boutique consulting firm in the insurance industry.

Rick is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he received a B.S. in Finance and Marketing.